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Revel in the now. Live with Berte.

Berte is a lifestyle shop offering a fresh mix of home decor, clean beauty, and accessories that evoke a sense of pause in the day to day. This break from the grind allows you to appreciate the craft, but more importantly, the little moments that make up a life.

Berte is thoughtfully curated by Aimée deSimone.

Aimee deSimone

From the Founder

Born out of a burnout, Berte was fully realized after a decade long career in the production industry. Frequent travel, constant stress and many restless nights, made it clear that a change was needed. Cue that scary question….what do I want? Well, I wanted my brain back. I wanted my time back. I wanted to feel like the moments I was rushing through, were mine again. So I looked inward and realized that surrounding my home and my life with beautiful, carefully made things slowed me down and helped me appreciate my little world. From there, Berte just continued to evolve and take shape.

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